Discover Toulouse with a local

One cannot possibly know someone curious enough in every city. Should you be on the lookout for photo-prone streets, a tea salon enthusiast, or leading a pack of curious travelers, a greeter will take you on a hike through Toulouse as a friend would, but better !

You'll meet a great person : Greeters are passionate about their city and meeting other people.
They volunteer to share their view on Toulouse with people from all over the world : you'll be living an alternate experience from far away !

A Greeter is the one who greets. This concept was born in New York, and you can now experience this all over the planet, including in Toulouse.

You will discover places even the hardcore travelers don't even know !

The Toulouse Greeter project is rich of surprises, and helps visitors find alternate and cultural practices in the Pink City.

You will share a worldwide philosophy ! This is a global network : GGN destinations all share the same key values to make the world a better place.

Your micro adventure is just one click away : try it out !

Cette aventure est bénévole ; tu peux nous soutenir avec un don, même modeste !

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