Rebecca et Alistair ont rencontré Stéphane

Petit retour sur leur rencontre dans la ville rose !

Toulouse 5
Posté le 04.08.2015, par Rebecca

Rebecca et son mari Alistair sont venus découvrir notre ville pour le 14 juillet, ils ont été reçu par Stéphane, nouveau greeter dans le réseau depuis juin ! Merci à tous les 3 🙂

« We wanted to thank you for putting us in touch with Stephane.

We were terribly late for our meeting on 14th July ….(driving in Toulouse was very confusing) but he was able to postpone our meet until later in the day.


We went on the public bikes through some back streets to look at the architecture.  Took a stroll through the Royal Garden.  Drank Beer because it was so very hot! And visited the amazing Saint Etienne Cathedral.

Stephane was able to practice his English while we stumbled with our French phrasebook.


We had such a wonderful afternoon with Stephane and highly recommend Toulouse Greeters.

Thank you again.


All the best.

Rebecca McIntosh »

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